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Dentures in Atlanta, GA

Lost teeth can occur due to several factors, including age, gum disease, or tooth decay. Dentures in Atlanta can help you restore your smile’s appearance and function, allowing you to enjoy your favorite activities once again.

What Happens When You Get Dentures?

Preparing your teeth and gums for dentures usually takes place over multiple steps. These steps will vary depending on the type of denture you receive. For instance, those receiving a full denture will require extractions of all the affected teeth before a permanent denture can be placed. If you’re receiving an implant-supported appliance, the implants must be placed before your dentist fits the new device. Once your mouth has successfully healed, your new denture will be fit into place and adjusted for comfort. Each type of denture should be removed every evening for cleaning.

What Types of Dentures Could I Receive?

At our practice, we offer several types of dentures in Atlanta to restore your smile’s brilliance. Get in touch with us today to learn about the following types of dentures:

Complete and Partial Dentures

Those who are missing most of their teeth due to decay or trauma may be good candidates for a complete denture. Complete dentures can replace every tooth in an arch, and typically require a full extraction of the affected teeth before they are placed. A complete dental appliance can be held in place by implants or secured on the gums, depending on your needs. If you have retained several healthy teeth, your dentist may suggest a partial denture. These appliances can replace one or several teeth and function similarly to a bridge. Partials are attached to adjacent teeth and can be removed by unfastening clasps on either side.

Flexible Partials

If you’re searching for a comfortable alternative to rigid, acrylic dental appliances, consider a flexible partial denture. These discreet, easy-to-clean devices are created using pliable plastic and do not include cumbersome metal clasps. Book an appointment today to find out whether a flexible partial denture is right for you.

Implant-Supported Denture

Patients who are missing teeth but have retained adequate jawbone may wish to consider an implant-supported device. This type of denture is held securely in place with two or more dental implants, increasing stability and even improving bone health. If you require dentures for the lower jaw, an implant-supported denture can be a good choice.

What Do Dentures Cost?

Every person’s dental situation is different; because of this, the cost of denture treatment varies widely. The type of denture chosen, the amount of dental preparatory work needed, and the cost of the denture materials will determine your final cost. If you’re ready to restore your smile with affordable quality dentures, give us a call for more details.

Why Are Dentures Used?

A denture serves as a fully functioning replacement for missing teeth. Dentures usually consist of a row of teeth affixed to a metal frame or set of dental implants. Affordable quality dentures from our practice can improve your smile’s appearance, stabilize your jaw, and create a better facial structure.

Why Should I Get a Soft Denture Reline?

There’s no need to endure sore spots or pain caused by daily denture wear. A soft reline for dentures can help you wear your device more comfortably, minimizing friction against the gums. During this treatment, your dentist attaches a soft material to the underside of the denture, creating a smooth and comfortable base.

What Are All-on-Four Dentures?

A fresh approach to denture implants, All-on-Four appliances use four dental implants to secure a full set of artificial teeth. With an All-on-Four denture, you’ll enjoy the stability of an implant denture and improved biting power. Contact us to learn more about the All-on-Four denture options.

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They were friendly, honest, not pushy, and welcoming. I had a great experience.
Patrick G.
It was a great Atmosphere. Definitely welcoming. Very good with explaining procedures , care and prices.
Lyanne V.
The entire staff was friendly, knowledgeable and explained everything about my care and options :-) I was nervous about my appointment and they put all of my fear aside.
Michele O.
Fun staff, they don’t mind my jokes. Talkative and conversative. Efficient and punctual. Always thorough yet gentle for cleanings.
Daniel P.
I been a client of Dental One Associates for about one year now. The dental office doesn’t keep you waiting for a long period of time when you come in, their prices are reasonable and they are […]
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Best. Dental practice. Ever!! This is the best dentist office I have ever been to. The staff is Amazing and make you feel right at home. I have recommended this office to everyone, and will continue […]
Chris R.
Everyone is so on top of their job!
Marsha M.
Professional staff, ease of getting appointment, conservative approach by Dentist.
Ann C.
They have the greatest staff I have ever came contact with since I’ve been going to the dentist. Receptionist is great ( Crystal) Both hygienist are nice (Jessica)& (Sema) Dr. Thornton is […]
Kevin A.
Friendly and professional practice
Judi M.
just great service from cleaning people and the person subbing (older man) is superb. Also the office manager Maddie is very good.
Ivor D.
Great staff of professionals, my daughter and I felt at ease. My daughter even had the opportunity to shadow one of the hygienists​ while they worked on me. I would recommend Dental One of Dunwoody […]
James F.
The people were all outstanding!
Charles B.
Dr. Thornton and her staff have an impeccable bedside manor. They are very thorough in the explanation of all things medical and billing related. A patient leaves this office feeling very assured […]
Melissa M.
Friendly and professional staff, especially Dr. Thornton and Sima.
Darren C.
The staff is on top of their game. They are wonderful.
Nefertiti H.
I have been with Dental one associates since 2006. I switched to Dunwoody location since 2013 and loved it since. I recommended to almost everyone at work and they also become loyal patients to the […]
Herna M.
I absolutely love this Dentist and staff and that is saying a great deal because I have always disliked going to the dentist! Dr. Thornton is very thorough and professional, but also has tremendous […]
Kelly M.
1st time for everything, and I do mean the 1st time I have had an absolute amazing dental visit. After experiencing a dental emergency and trying to get in to see my regular dental organization (to […]
Michelle G.
The Team performance equaled and exceeded my expectations.
James P.
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